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Introduction to MEP

Today in the world of architecture and building where complex buildings are being erected day by day. Taller structures have become the icon of development for a country. There is a great importance given to construction related works and huge demands for efficient and experienced engineers in the field. In most developed and fast growing countries there are huge demands for experienced Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) workers on Mega Scale Projects such as the construction of Airports, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping malls and such where central air conditioning system is applied.



It seems the era of “Green Building” has brought with it a trend in HVAC, Electrical and Plumping Design, where the new technologies and strategies are adopted to achieve higher energy performance. Our definition of green buildings inevitably extnds beyond the concerns of HVAC dsigners alone since the very concept places an emphasis on the intgration of mechanical, electrical architectural, public health engineering, and other systems. Green building is one that achieves high performance, over the full life cycle, in the following areas :

  • Minimal consumption of energy.
  • To reduce atmospheric emissions.
  • Maximum quality of indoor environment, including air quality, thermal regime, illumination, acoustics / noise, and visual  aspects.
  • MEP designer plays an important role in the functionality of a green building. The HVAC system for green building shall be designed to reduce energy consumption while maintaining the interior conditions at a comfortable level to keep occupants health & productivity.